Costa Rica real estate-finding the right place for you.

Finding your little piece of paradise.

Costa Rica real estate offers a place for everyone, this mix of cultures makes it such a great country. Make sure you find your happy place before investing your hard-earned money.  There is so much to think about and so many places to choose from, but that is why I am here. Sharing my experiences of growing up, living, and raising in a family here in Costa Rica can help you. Tourist towns like Jaco Beach or Tamarindo may seem crowded and not attractive to some people but to others, these are vibrant towns full of activities. Costa Rica real estate has an inventory of homes with amazing views thanks to Costa Rica’s landscape, even places that are miles from the beach have spectacular ocean views. According to the US Embassy Costa Rica has about 6% of the world’s diversity in natural wealth, read article. So make a point of experiencing Costa Rica’s wildlife and adventure, there are numerous tours offered in most areas. Here are some questions you should answer to help guide in deciding where to invest in real estate.

-do you need to find a job in CR? This will dictate which location you choose.

-are you looking for your forever retirement home? Rent in several locations

-are you buying an investment property that you want to rent? Location is important

Costa Rica real estate


The location of your real estate investment is critical to satisfying your needs. I would like to point out a few pros and cons of being in different locations. It is a great idea to put together a checklist of what you need and like, this will be very helpful. Getting an experienced Costa Rica real estate expert to assist you is very important because there are many things to consider when buying real estate.

Pros and cons of being close to Central Valley

  •       short distance from the international airport
  •       large medical facilities
  •       wide variety of larger chains stores like Walmart, Pricesmart. Epa, Construplaza,
  •       numerous restaurants
  •       no beaches
  •       not so crowded during holidays

Pros and cons of being close to the beach

  •     tropical breezes and long walks on the beach with amazing sunsets
  •     a Pura Vida vibe to relax and enjoy
  •     good for rental income
  •     can be crowded during holidays
  •     hot and humid

Pros and cons of being in southern area (Golfito)

  •     offers incredible biodiversity, green all year round
  •     people are very simple and humble
  •     the climate is wet and humid
  •     it is a remote place for those seeking privacy
  •     closer to Panama for doing checkouts


There are many rental options available in different areas but be prepared to spend an average of $1000 a month on a two-bedroom, two-bathroom home that is fully furnished. When looking to rent make sure the unit has everything you need and have a contract written up for the rental term. It is easy to find short-term or temporary residences, and this is ideal before committing to a long-term rental. Travel the country and once you have decided what you like, look for a local Costa Rica real estate expert with experience to help you find a permanent home. A professional realtor will have information about the buying process, getting financing and what comes after buying, that is what we are here for.

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