The present document establishes the Privacy Policy applicable to the treatment of personal data carried out through JBREALESTATECOSTARICA.COM. To use some of the services hosted on the Platform, it will be necessary for the user of the Platform (hereinafter, the “User”) to provide and/or register personal data, including, but not limited to, full name, email, identity document number, telephone number. For which the User grants his/her consent to JBREALESTATECOSTARICA.COM for the treatment of the same, in accordance with the provisions of the Law for the Protection of the Person regarding the treatment of his/her personal data, as well as in the norms that modify, replace, substitute and/or complement it. Private personal information does not include information that is available through public sources. The provision of the required data will be mandatory to carry out the procurement of services through the Platform, which must be provided by the User in a truthful, complete and accurate. In this sense, the User guarantees to JBREALESTATECOSTARICA.COM that: (i) is the owner of the data provided through the Platform; (ii) is solely and exclusively responsible for the data provided through the Platform; (iii) that the data provided are correct, complete and have been provided without falsifying any data; and (iv) will hold harmless JBREALESTATECOSTARICA.COM from the consequences of any claim that it may receive from any third party in relation to or in connection with the processing of personal data provided by the User through the Platform. JBREALESTATECOSTARICA.COM never requests personal or financial data. The User is informed that the processing of personal data provided and/or registered in the Platform will be carried out by JBREALESTATECOSTARICA.COM


The personal data that the user provides and/or registers will be used for the purpose of sending information about the services that are in the JBREALESTATECOSTARICA.COM Platform and to generate general and specific statistics of the platform and the real estate market, which will be owned by JBREALESTATECOSTARICA.COM. Other purposes for which the User has given his/her express, free, prior and informed consent. Providing the requested information is completely optional and the User has the possibility of exercising the rights to which he/she is entitled based on the Law. JBREALESTATECOSTARICA.COM reserves the right to share or sell the statistics or information that is produced on the occasion of the analysis of the personal data or transactions of the users in JBREALESTATECOSTARICA.COM, respecting that in no case will sensitive data be shared or sold and the personal data used by JBREALESTATECOSTARICA.COM will identify the individual or company that provides it. By providing their data, the User gives their express and informed consent to JBREALESTATECOSTARICA.COM to use the information in accordance with the indicated personal data obtained through the Platform will be stored in a database. JBREALESTATECOSTARICA.COM will be the sole owner of this database and will store the data for the period of time that is useful for the purposes of fulfilling the purposes indicated above.


JBREALESTATECOSTA RICA.COM will protect the Personal Data Bank and commits itself to make use of the personal data provided, registered or collected from the User in accordance with what is established in the Law of Protection of the Person in the treatment of personal data, as well as in the norms that modify, replace, substitute and/or complement the latter.


JBREALESTATECOSTARICA.COM uses cookies to provide a more personalized experience to the User. JBREALESTATECOSTARICA.COM reserves the right to make changes to this Privacy Policy at any time. Any such change will take effect only as of the effective date of that change, and will not affect any dispute that has arisen prior to the effective date of that change. If the User does not agree with the change to this Privacy Policy, the User should notify JBREALESTATECOSTARICA.COM, by email (


Please contact JBREALESTATECOSTARICA.COM if you have any questions or comments about this Privacy Notice, your Personal Information, our third party disclosure practices, or your consent choices.