Costa Rica real estate-finding the right place for you.

Finding your little piece of paradise. Costa Rica real estate offers a place for everyone, this mix of cultures makes it such a great country. Make sure you find your happy place before investing your hard-earned money.  There is so much to think about and so many places to choose from, but that is why […]

Where to go in Costa Rica.

Where to go in Costa Rica? Even though Costa Rica only has an area of 51,100 square kilometers (a bit smaller than West Virginia) it is packed with so much diversity. There was a reason behind naming it the “Rich Coast” even after it was determined there was not much gold to be found. There […]

What foods to order when you visit Costa Rica.

What foods to order in Costa Rica. For those of you coming to Costa Rica for your first visit you may be wondering what foods to try when visiting C.R. As a local, I grew up with these foods and cooked them for my family, so it is very easy to offer advice. The foods […]

Costa Rica, general information and updates, December 2023.

Many of you have started feeling the cold rolling in and have begun dreaming of a warm tropical place. To many that place is Costa Rica. I was raised here in this beautiful country and have a different idea of what December brings. To me, the weather is the best at this time of year […]

What to expect when visiting homes for sale in Costa Rica real estate.

What to expect when visiting homes for sale in Costa Rica real estate. Here is a bit of information about real estate in Costa Rica! It is a unique experience when taking buyers to visit homes for sale in the Costa Rica real estate industry. This is part of the introduction to the Pura Vida […]

How to buy property in Costa Rica

One of the first questions that my clients ask is how do I go about buying a property in Costa Rica? It is important to know that buying a property here in Costa Rica is a process and that there is not a lot of financing as easily available or at good interest rates. There […]

Tips for how to prepare your home for putting it on the market

Once you decide you want to sell your property the best thing to do is take some time to look around and make a list of unfinished projects or small things that could be done to make your property appealing to a buyer. Keep in mind; If I were buying this property, what would I […]

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