The word Costa Rica when translated into english means “Rich Coast”. It originates from when Columbus reached the Caribean coast and found the indigeneous wearing gold jewelry. In modern times Costa Rica is rich because of the freindly and generous culture along with an abundance and biodiversity of nature, especially in the Southern Pacific area. Even though it is small in territory covering only 19,700 square miles (about the sie of W. Virginia), this country is packed full of all sorts of wonders. It´s history of democracy and abolition of the military have proved to the world that there can be peace.



Costa Rica is considered to be one of the 20 countries with the greatest biodiversity. Its geographic position, its two coasts and its mountainous system, which provides numerous and varied microclimates, are some of the reasons that explain this natural wealth, both in terms of species and ecosystems.

The Osa Peninsula is located in the Southern Pacific area of Costa Rica and is considered home to half of the countries species. That is 2,5% of the entire biodiversity of the planet.

The Golfo Dulce, separates the Osa Peninsula from Costa Rica´s mainland. It´s marine ecosystem is contains part of the 2.5% of the worlds biodiversity. There are several species of whales that visit the area and use it as breeding grounds and nursery for their calves. ´Not to leave out a numerous amount of other marine species that can be found there.



The culture that you find in this small country is another great richness offered by  it´s name. Costa Rica´s population is a mix of ethnic groups, you could say it´s people are biodiverse, just like the flora and fauna.

One word that describes the relaxed and freindly lifestyle is “Pura Vida”. This can be a greeting, a farewell or anything in between. It is translated as “pure life”, but has become world wide known as a kind of life which evokes a spirit that is carefree.

The folkloric dances remain as an important cultural tradition. From a young age in the schools, children are taught traditional dances. The most impressive are the typical dresses the girls wear during the festivities. There is no longer much gold to be found in Costa Rica, now there are other riches to be valued and shared. This is a place where people open up their hearts and help whom ever is in need. It is a country of freindliness and happiness. Even considered the happiest and greenest country in the world by in february 2017.



Another point that can not be left behind is the food here in Central and Southern Pacific of Costa Rica. The food is based on rice, beans, corn, meat and a very large variety of tropical fruit and vegetables. The most common dish that can be found in all Costa Rican homes and restaurant is called “casado” which translates as “married”. This is because it always consists of rice and beans as a base and is acompanied by a protein and one or two vegetable dishes. Having this combination makes it a healthy and filling dish that can be purchased for $6 at any local dinner.

In some towns there is a weekly farmers market where you can get incredible variety and quality at good prices. Often times there are stands where people are selling fresh chicken, cheeses, freshly baked goods, organic coffee and organic medicines along with other homemade things. Make sure and ask at whatever town you are visiting or checking out.