Tips for how to prepare your home for putting it on the market

Once you decide you want to sell your property the best thing to do is take some time to look around and make a list of unfinished projects or small things that could be done to make your property appealing to a buyer. Keep in mind; If I were buying this property, what would I like to see?


The first impression that a buyer receives from the initial visit is what stays with them and makes a property stand out from others they have visited. Here is a short list to check before having a real estate agent come to take pictures of your property:


Tip #1: Pick up any garbage or debris on the property:

If you are listing a house, make sure all garbage is removed from the outside areas. If it is a plot of land, then have the grass cut and any garbage picked up.


Tip #2: Finish any projects you have started:

If there are any little projects you have started try to finish them up before pictures are taken. Things such as damaged wood, tile that has to be laid, gutter repairs, and broken window repairs should be dealt with.


Tip #3: Invest in some paint:

If you are listing a house or condo it really helps to have a paint job done on areas that look bad. Here in CR paint is not that expensive and you can do this yourself, it makes a world of difference to a buyer’s eye. Keep in mind to use neutral colors as people have different likes and could be put off by your bright paint colors.


Tip #4: Do some garden work:

If there is a yard around the house, then have the grass cut for the pictures and often once it goes on the market clients will be coming to see the property on short notice. Prune any shrubs away from the house and clean out any dead plants. If at all possible, plant a few things with some color to catch a buyer’s eye. If it is a small plot of land then have the grass cut so potential buyers can walk on the property and get a sense of where they would build and what the views are like.

If a buyer takes the time to do a few things like I have mentioned above it will allow buyers to see the full potential of what they are looking at. Taking time to improve the property also allows for better pictures and this will help catch a buyer’s eye. In today’s world, we need to provide exceptional pictures and videos of the properties we are selling to make them stand out from others. This is also a way to get the best price for your property as buyers will not ask for deductions to do repairs.

If you need any help on what can be done to improve your property for a better listing price please feel free to reach to me.


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