Real Estate Professionals in Costa Rica.

Is it important to use a real estate professional in Costa Rica?

So lately I have seen so many people posting that they are buying a property or selling a property on Facebook. It’s fine to take the initiative and DIY it, but do be careful as there are so many scammers out there. For those first-time buyers especially, it is most recommended to get a real estate agent on your side. Remember you are buying in a foreign country and the process is very different than in your home country.  It is also very important you do some research about the agent you choose, make sure the agent has a legitimate website, that the person uses social media such as Facebook and Instagram, and that they are registered on Google Business. Look for reviews, and check if the person is a member of one of the two real estate associations in Costa Rica, these are the CRGAR  or CCBR.


Why is it important to use a professional real estate agent when buying a property in Costa Rica?

A professional agent has been in the business for several years and holds invaluable experience that can make the purchase process move along smoothly. We are not here just to find the right property, although that is a big part of our job; we know where to look for all the options available providing a source of information. Once you have chosen the property you would like to buy, we can help formulate the offer and negotiate the best price. You don’t want to waste time putting in nonsense offers that will just upset the sellers. It is very important to put things in writing with all the details about the purchase, this will make it clear to the seller that this is a serious offer and opens the door for negotiation.

Here are a few tips an agent can help with:

Which escrow company should I use?

Always use escrow when you are going to buy a property, this gives the buyer and the seller peace of mind when the deposit is paid and then when it is time to sit down for closing. Trying to transfer large amounts of money to different banks especially internationally can be tricky. Once funds are in escrow and the closing document is signed along with the transfer deed then funds will be released immediately.

How do I make a written offer?

A well-written offer needs to contain a lot of specific information about times, amounts, due diligence, escrow, and details about the property. Real estate agents have the experience and knowledge to create a detailed proposal for a seller. It is not just about agreeing on a price, there are many things such as when is closing, what is being purchased with the house, are there inspections or documents that need to be provided.

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Why is it important to use a professional real estate agent when selling a property?

If you are thinking of putting your property up for sale it would be best to reach out to a real estate agent who can provide some comps and help determine if the price you are thinking of fits with the market. We can provide information about what has sold in the area and at what price. We all want to get the best price possible and can set the price we would like to get but that may not be what the market is allowing. If there are comps we can use it will give us a clear idea of what we can expect. There are seasons in the real estate market in Costa Rica and that is something important to consider, when would it be best to invest in some maintenance and prepare the property for the market?

What to ask for from a real estate agent offering to sell your property?

The real estate agent needs to have a marketing strategy showing you where your property will be listed. A common question is whether to give exclusivity or not? If your agent has a marketing strategy for exclusive listings, then you can follow up and check if that is really happening. A professional real estate agent should put exclusive listings at the top of their marketing plan and invest in promoting the ads to all other agents. Giving exclusivity to an agent can also make the showing process easier because the seller will be contacted by the listing agent who will always show the house. Some buyers contact several agents and if your listing is open it will become confusing who the buyer is working with.

How to prepare your property for listing:

Once you have decided to sell your property it is important to run through a checklist of things to prepare for listing, here is a blog post that can help you. There are documents to be provided, maintenance to be done and plan to be made for moving out. Most people are living in the homes while they are on the market so this makes showing a home different than when no one is living in a house. Remember the first impression is what makes a difference when showing. Each property is unique and has a story behind it.


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