What to expect when visiting homes for sale in Costa Rica real estate.

What to expect when visiting homes for sale in Costa Rica real estate.

Here is a bit of information about real estate in Costa Rica! It is a unique experience when taking buyers to visit homes for sale in the Costa Rica real estate industry. This is part of the introduction to the Pura Vida lifestyle that is so popular. It can be overwhelming for some buyers to take in. The real estate agent representing the buyer should explain these differences before going on tour. Of course, it varies a lot in each area and is more noticeable in the rural areas to see marked differences in the preparation of selling homes.

There are many aspects that are important to consider while looking at real estate in Costa Rica:

  1. There are no exact addresses, so as agents we have to use a pin on Google Maps to find the properties when we are showing listings that belong to external agents. It is best to have an SUV because we are never sure what the roads will be like.
  2. Pictures can be very different from reality, so we can easily drive past a place without recognizing it. Some listings do not show a picture of the front of the house, which makes it difficult to know when you have arrived at your destination.
  3. Many sellers do not believe in preparing the property for sale and do not tidy a place for a showing, there can be piles of debris, grown grass, unpainted walls, and more to observe.
  4. It is common for the sellers to live on the property, so there may be a whole family at home when visiting. Everyone is very nice and helpful, but it can make a home seem crowded.

When looking to buy real estate in Costa Rica read information about be prepared to change your mindset of what homes look like. If you are looking for an authentic piece of Costa Rican real estate that is in a more rural area, be prepared to do some maintenance and repairs. The typical homes in Costa Rica have smaller spaces and are divided into separate rooms because most of our time is spent living outside. It is more common to see bigger outside living spaces where the families gather. It is also uncommon to see AC units and hot water plumbing, so if these are important to you, make sure you ask what the status is on the listing.

The newer homes in areas of high development are being built to foreign standards and will most likely be what most buyers are looking for. There are very good designers and builders in Costa Rica that you can hire if you decide to build your own home.

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